REBELLION is an evolution of consciousness.

It's a quality, an inner change. We start inside of ourselves. We unite in order to grow individually; and evolve as a humanity. We are inter-beings; knowing that everything we do affects everything that there is knowing that anything that happens in the world is happening to us. It's a reawakening and a new understanding. It's both a learning and unlearning.

REBELLION is having the courage to be compassionate with all sentient beings and mostly with ourselves. This unwavering compassion and unconditional love will lead to ultimate freedom. And that freedom is the state necessary for all beings to live to their full potential. REBELLION is an action. It's acts of kindness performed to repair the world, contributing our gifts to a great purpose.  It's being in service to others and to ourselves in order to recreate a more beautiful world. 




Seth's unique background of fitness, yoga, physiology, and philosophy makes him stand out in the yoga community. After receiving his masters in Exercise Science he began a career as a strength and conditioning coach working with elite athletes. He slowly began incorporating yoga into their training sessions leading to many physical and mental breakthroughs.


Seth's passion for yoga grew deeper and he submerged himself into his practice as well as the all limbs of yoga. "Yoga is not about the asana, it is a science of life, the blueprint of how to treat others and most importantly ourselves. It keeps me authentic and true to my core being. Reminding me that everything I’m searching for, and all the answers I ever need, are already inside of me. My practice allows me to scrub myself clean so my light can shine."


All of his passions blended together to create REBELLION, whose mission is to heal the world through courageous compassion, love and service. Through workshops and retreats Seth teaches a blend of yoga, with personal development work, and most importantly learning how to unconditionally love yourself, others, and the earth as one. The most important thing to Seth is ensuring that everyone he encounters feels better about themselves inside and out after meeting him and that they live an authentic life to their full potential, in vibrant health of mind, body, and spirit.


Ganga Devi Braun has lived her life in sacred community. Born and raised in Kashi Ashram, every moment of her life has been experienced through the lens of diverse, pluralistic collaboration. With the purpose of transitioning humanity into it's highest potential of living in omni-beneficial, solution driven ways, she has dedicated her academic studies, career, and personal life to understanding living systems, evolutionary principles, biomimicry, and regenerative design. Applying these concepts to all aspects of life on this planet- individual, interactional, and institutional- allows us to identify infinite solutions to any problem. Ganga Devi has the unique capacity to hold the wide view of these solutions, and to cross-pollinate them when the moment is ripe for the evolution of any system she is connected to.