Seth Kaufmann, MS, CSCS, RYT200

Seth's unique background of fitness, yoga, physiology, and philosophy makes him stand out in the yoga community. After receiving his masters in Exercise Science he began a career as a strength and conditioning coach working with elite athletes. He slowly began incorporating yoga into their training sessions leading to many physical and mental breakthroughs. 

Seth's passion for yoga grew deeper and he submerged himself into his practice as well as the all limbs of yoga. "Yoga is not about the asana, it is a science of life, the blueprint of how to treat others and most importantly ourselves. It keeps me authentic and true to my core being. Reminding me that everything Iā€™m searching for, and all the answers I ever need, are already inside of me. My practice allows me to scrub myself clean so my light can shine."

All of his passions blended together to create REBELLION, who's mission is to heal the world through courageous compassion, love and service, through workouts, retreats, and teaching blending yoga with personal development work, and most importantly learning how to unconditionally love yourself, others, and the earth as one.The most important thing to Seth is ensuring that everyone he encounters feels better about themselves inside and out after meeting him and that they live an authentic life to their full potential, in vibrant health of mind, body, and spirit.




one-on-one Session

Work one-on-one with Seth to kick-start your goals into action steps! Whether it is strength & conditioning, yoga, nutrition, or life-coaching, Seth's number one priority is guiding you towards your happiness and turning your dream's into reality's. Stop letting your goals get sidetracked by fear or laziness. Stop making excuses and start living the life you are entitled to today!


personalized 6-week Program

Work with Seth to help you develop a plan and stay on course to manifesting and creating the life you are meant to live. Seth's unique style of yoga-inspired coaching will will help you renew and align with your authentic self and build your self-esteem, ultimately fulfilling your life with more energy, purpose, direction, and feeling great on a daily basis!


online courses 

Dive deeper into your self with one of our online courses. I really don't know what else to write here at the moment, but I want the text body's to match up for aesthetic purposes so I am going to keep writing. If anyone is reading this huge props to you, we really appreciate it and look forward to working with you and creating the space needed for you to tap into all the answers already within yourself!  

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