SAT March 17-  FRI March 23  (7 days, 6 nights)

A 7-day immersion held at Playa Viva in the lush, tropical oasis of Juluchuca, Mexico. Querencia Retreat is designed to create the container for us to explore being joyfully incarnate in our most authentic expressions of Self. Each member of the Rebellion Team is equipped to hold space for your individual and collective journeys by way of their own unique gifts. Our intention is to offer those gifts in loving guidance while allowing surrender and flow to be our ultimate guide.

 We journey to Playa Viva Resort with the intention of regenerating our bodies, our beliefs, our perception, our spirit and our planet. The experience of Querencia is designed to clear out stagnant ways of being that are no longer in service of your mission. We get to be in creation as we reimagine the root structure that supports our ascension into personal power. Querencia exists to step into full, unbounded expression by way of a deep connection to our sense of place both on this earth and within our own vessel. Over the course of seven days and six nights under the Mexican sun and moon, we will study the first three chakras in order to facilitate this rising. Through the lens of these specific energy centers within the body, we will create the container for integrity, creativity, fluidity, power and flow.

There will also be lots of free time to explore on your own if you wish with activities including surfing, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, horseback riding and more. In need of some relaxation? Spend the day at the spa or hanging in a hammock. Together we will connect with the locals, taking a tour of a working family farm and partaking in a group volunteer project to benefit the local community.


  • 6 nights accommodation 
  • Farm to table meals
  • Transportation to and from airport and all outings
  • Daily facilitated immersions on land and in the ocean
  • Daily yoga, meditation, ritual practices
  • A progressive structure in which each day both builds on and goes deeper than the one before.
  • Group service project
  • Rates range from $1,600-$2,600 based on room and occupancy.


As the leaders of the Querencia Retreat experience, our intention is to show up in ownership of our unique gifts to support this transformation.

To facilitate the realization of this intention, we’ll offer you the tools that we’ve employed all over the world in this work.


As we rise into a place of personal power and purpose, we learn how to be with our own truth and make space for answers to the great questions of our lives to come through. We’ll work to create a container that supports the fearless ownership of our value and worth. By tapping into your curiosity and passions, we create a plan of action to fulfill our personal legacy as we step into our unique power and declare our infinite impact.


Studying energetic anatomy gives us the opportunity to understand what is occurring in the body, mind and Spirit, and to cultivate a meaningful relationship with our Intuition. We use this awareness to live our lives in full expression. From this place, we can align when we are out of balance by simply tuning into the wisdom within. During our time in Mexico, we will explore this study through intentional and intelligent yoga sequencing, mediation to loosen the grip of the mind, dance to drop into the body, and other expressions of cathartic movement and mindfulness.


Through our relationship to the water, we explore our relationship to ourselves. The ocean stirs something within us as we contemplate its infinite unknown state and are propelled to surrender to its might. Querencia employs the work of Surfani - a method of purpose development through ocean immersion. Through guided reflections on the beach painted by the setting sun, softening into the flow of the waves as you swim, learning and observing sea turtle nesting behavior, or meeting and working with resistance as you surf, we embody the essence of the water when we discover a life in flow.


To understand the world around us and our place in it, we must develop what anthropologists call sense of place, a relationship with the unique character of one’s current space and time. To understand the dynamic brilliance of any particular place in the universe, whether it be our bodies, our homes, a jungle, or an entire planet, is to open to the genius that exists all around us. This is where regenerative solutions arise, and is the most solid foundation from which we can heal the world.
At Querencia,, we will partner with the unique ecosystem in which Playa Viva is nested to deepen our understanding of how meaningful change occurs within ourselves, within our culture, and for the entire planet.