WHAT CAN I EXPECT at a rebellion immersion?

During our events, you will have the opportunity to rest deeply, to explore wildly, to strengthen your body and sense of purpose in this life. We have designed our retreats and workshops for connection among participants while making ample space for participants to go deep into their own process.

We choose our host locations very carefully, partnering with people and communities of highest integrity and regenerative vision, so that just by showing up in whatever unique location we meet is an eye opening experience that expands what possibilities for the world we can imagine. 

At our retreats, we will enjoy our daily healthy local meals together, we will spend time with local people and work with them to be of service to the community and land, we will discover and honor the unique gifts of all who participate, and we will collaborate in envisioning and creating the best kind of world that we would like to live in.

At any of our events, participants and hosts can all expect to emerge with a stronger sense of place on this spaceship earth, connected to a global community of people who believe in our purpose, and whose purpose we can believe in, and with strategies for designing our lives for the greatest possible good.

Whatever it is that you need to connect to your most authentic self during a REBELLION immersion, we are here to support you in that.

Do you offer YOGA RETREATs?

Yes and no.

Yes: At our retreats there will be daily physical yoga practices offered, and all retreat participants are welcome and encouraged to join! Developing a deeper, more loving and empowered relationship with our bodies is a key factor in the design of a REBELLION retreat, and two of our retreat hosts, Seth and Sauce, are exceptional guides. Their offerings of yoga practices will be developed to bring us deeper into the theme and purpose of each day of the retreat, and will be designed with the physical ability of every participant in mind.

No: The whole REBELLION team recognizes that what is known as yoga through the western cultural lens is at best a fraction of the dynamic whole system of yoga that has been developing in India for thousands of years. What we in the western world call yoga, is often just one of eight limbs of Raja Yoga, which is one of four systems of Yoga (the others being Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Karma Yoga). These incredibly diverse systems complement and contextualize one another, and if we ever host a self-described Yoga Retreat, it will be a comprehensive study of this science of living with a rich engagement of the cultural context from which we have received this wisdom. 

We will use the embodied yogic wisdom of the chakra system as a guide for the movement of each retreat, and as a starting place for us to set our intentions in how we will relate to place: our place in our bodies, and our place in the world. 

WHO COMES TO rebellion immersions?

We love having as diverse a group as possible, and that includes age, gender, race, ability, and religious affiliation.

Families with children are welcome. Children can bring wisdom, curiosity, and joy to an immersion which can make the experience richer for all. Childcare however is not included in the cost of the retreat, and we do ask that parents be discerning as to whether having their child present will make the experience more rich or more challenging, both for the parents and for other participants. Childcare may be available at the host location, and if you are considering bringing a child with you to a retreat, we ask that you let us know as early on as possible so we may work with you to have appropriate accommodations.


Due to the complex logistics involved in putting together our retreats, we can only offer refunds in the event that a replacement for your spot is secured. We will work with you to find a replacement if you need to cancel, up to a month before the start date of the event. If and when a replacement is found and registered, we will refund you the cost of the retreat, minus a 20% nonrefundable deposit. 

For more on this policy, please contact us HERE


Yes! We are happy to work with groups to create custom private retreats and workshops. We will work closely with you to vision what you might want from the retreat experience, and fully design the immersion to your needs. 

Our customized offerings range from a half day workshop to a 10 day all inclusive retreat. We currently have partnerships with retreat centers in Florida, California, Costa Rica, and Mexico and are open to travelling to your home or preferred destination. 

For more information please contact us HERE. 

CAN I help you lead an event?

At this time, we are only collaborating with people we know and whose gifts we have experienced firsthand, but that list is always growing, and there is no better opportunity to awaken and share your gifts and to understand the vision of REBELLION than on one of our retreats. If we do not yet know you, please come join one of our events, share your gifts, allow us to host you, and ideas for collaboration will naturally flow.

If you have a community center, retreat facilities, yoga studio, or event you would like to invite us to lead workshops or retreats at, please contact us HERE.