Who are the 36 WorldHealers?

In mystical Judaism, there is the idea that in every generation, there are at least 36 people around the world holding down the good, the righteous, the just, the loving for the rest of us. They are known as the Tzadikim Nistarim, the "hidden righteous ones." They're hidden because they are both humble and found in the most surprising places.

In 2018 we at REBELLION are going to feature someone who represents the best of humanity every 10 days. We'll be interviewing them, featuring their work, and giving our community an opportunity to honor and support them. 

If there is someone in your life whose heart is full of love for humanity, and whose daily actions make the world more whole, please let us know about in the form below! 

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Name of your World Healer
Share with us about them! What do they do that gives you a sense of hope for the world? How have they improved the lives around them?
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Seth Kaufmann